Featured Artist


Credit: Jeremiah Wilson

We are pleased to announce that photographer Jeremiah Wilson will present his work on rural communities during the conference. 

Here’s how Jeremiah describes his background and approach to photography:

Jeremiah Wilson Portrait“I grew up in rural Indiana, skateboarding in the parking lots of local grocery stores and public buildings, fleeing cops and adventuring through the local terrain. I found photography, studied Art History and Photography in college, and then moved to NYC in 2006 to work in the fashion photography industry. I have shot fashion and commercial work for Amazon, Hugo Boss, Nike and NY&Co, among many others, but it was my two-year move to Brazilian countryside in 2011—the inspiration I derived from Brazilian agriculture—that helped me to fall in love with the United States from a new vantage point, infusing me with a desire to document the everydayness of America as it dealt with deindustrialization and a multiplicity of wars. As I returned to my childhood home over the years, I was especially struck by the effects of Capitalism leaving rural America. The bustling parking lots I once skateboarded, death rattles of Capitalism, harbingers of our shared future. In the tradition of twentieth-century U.S. photography—Robert Frank, Stephan Shore and William Eggleston—I wander through rural America, attempting to shoot with my Leica, quietly and freely.”

You can find more of Jeremiah’s work here, and here.


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